Sunday, May 27, 2007

The liberal mind; what a waste

There's a local opinion page writer named Lori Sturdevant who had a piece on the front page of the opinion section today. I didn't read her entire column (actually, I have never read any of her columns); but I did look at the first few sentences. She's writing about the recent MN legislative session that just ended, and from what I gather, she's blaming the failure of these legislators on the republican governor and his veto pen. The part that struck me was a quote from some DFL representative who sighed, "We were the only ones who remembered that he only got 47% of the vote." WELL DUH!

If he only got 47% and won, where did that put your democratic candidate and how many wanted what he offered. These liberals are lunatics. They cry and whine when their people don't win; then they cry and whine when the opposition does what it said they would do and what got them elected in the first place. In every arena of politics, liberals expect that the winners are suppose to turn around and give them everything they want, which evidently isn't what more people who voted the person in want, just to prove that they're inclusive. That's like the Bears losing the SuperBowl, then demanding that the Colts give them the trophy, the rings, and the winner's paycheck, just to prove they're good sports.

The thing about MN is that there's some erroneous perception that it's a bastion of liberalism; it's not. Hennepin County is a bastion of liberalism. The rest of the state tends to be more conservative, as evidenced in the last presidential election. George Bush won 61 of 87 counties, and the margin of victory for Kerry came from the overwhelming majority of liberal twits in Hennepin County, which encompasses Minneapolis and it's suburbs.

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