Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Houston; we have a problem, his name is Mohammed

Malaysia Creates Religious Guidelines for Muslim Astronauts
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Muslim-majority Malaysia's first astronaut will get guidelines allowing flexibility in praying in zero gravity and eating space meals under Islamic rules, the country space chief said Monday.

You heard it correctly, Malaysia has a space program going. They have identified two candidates who will go and train with the Russian space program.

I find it hard to reconcile the fact that Malaysia wants to enter into space exploration when they seem to have a major problem in the use and upkeep of public toilets:

Malaysia Holds Exposition on Toilets
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — One poster reads,"Public Toilets _ From Embarrassment to Pleasure."Another implores you to wash your hands, because germs die that way.

Hoping to herald a new"national restroom culture,"Malaysia's National Toilet Expo and Forum opened Thursday at a shopping mall in the suburb of Subang Jaya outside of Kuala Lumpur, attracting curious shoppers to some 60 exhibition booths.

"I'm sorry to say it, but we Malaysians are not very hygienic when it comes to public toilets,"said one visitor, Doreen Lee, 32, referring to how some users don't flush, or squat on toilet seats, leaving dirty shoe prints.

Haven't they ever heard of the concept of 'baby steps.' First learn how to use toilets, then explore space.

Let's hope the Russians don't have any Apollo 13 episodes because somebody didn't know how to use the space toilet. Either that, or the Muslim guy would screw it up trying to wash his feet in it.


Gabrielle Eden said...

It's a disease called Islam!

Bike Bubba said...

I've visited Malaysia (Penang), and my chief complaint about the toilets wasn't footprints, but rather the fact that their potties don't have the "air trap" that keeps the sewers from "bubbling up". You'll find the same issues in Thailand.

A friend of mine thought it was a spice they used--and well, it is, but it's been well processed, so to speak, by the time you smell it.

On the bright side, the low toilets they use there REALLY get the old intestines cleaned out.