Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Driving peeve # 1352

Left Lane Drivers Unite!
Grassroots campaign moves slow drivers over to the right

I'm basically a right lane driver. If I do drive in the left lane, it's usually behind traffic and I will keep pace with whatever the cars in front are doing. I'm usually never in a hurry to get where I'm going, so I have no problem doing the limit in the right lane.
I'm always amazed, and laugh, at what I call the wolf packs that you see on the road; particularly noticeable on long trips. For instance, when we drive to Duluth on I-35. I'll be tooling along, doing the limit in the right lane, with no other cars around. Pretty soon I can look in the rearview mirror and see a pack of cars coming up fast. There's usually about 6-8 in the pack, and they're in both lanes. They're all competing to get in the front of the left lane. They all have to get into the left to pass me; then, as soon as they're by, they all scramble to get the advantage and jockey back and forth for position. Pretty soon they're just taillights in the distance, and I'm stress free, tooling along just fine; until, another pack comes at me from behind.
I'll pop in one more of my major peeves re: driving---people that drive like it's a speed range. In other words, drivers that think they can vary between 45-65, and never can keep it at one speed. I absolutely hate that. Either use your cruise-control, or pay attention and stay at the posted limit.


Rev. Mother said...

Why is the speed limit only the speed limit in the right hand lane? What's the limit in the left lane?

kingdavid said...

Good point. That doesn't seem to matter to these people. I believe with all my heart, that if they put the speed limit at 100 mph; the same people would be doing 105-110 and would be griping about the people in the left lane.