Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This is the small stuff that just gets my blood boiling

Cowboy gives up fight
Amid cuts in its budget, the Breckenridge, Minn., school district has decided not to fight Wyoming over its cowboy logo.
That cowboy waving his hat as he sits astride a bucking horse? The one who for decades rode tall and proud as the logo of athletic teams at Breckenridge High School?
He's waving goodbye.
Facing a costly legal fight with the state of Wyoming, which claims rights to the logo, Breckenridge Superintendent David Pace said today that the school will cowboy down.

"We took our one opportunity to maintain our logo," arguing that it's been in use for 30 years and does no harm to Wyoming's interest. "Basically, the state of Wyoming said no."

Oh this makes me sick. I took the opportunity to whip off an e-mail to the governor of Wyoming.

I hope you people are proud of the way you beat down a small high school in MN because it has a logo similar to the one you use for your state. I think it’s a disgusting attitude on your part and in the future I would suggest choosing battles that are a little more serious, and against foes that are a little bigger than a small town high school. Whoever is responsible for this action should be ashamed, as should the whole state of Wyoming.

If you want to register your disgust, send your message to:

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Gino said...

how damn stupid.
obviously, WY has so little going for itself it has to fight a battle of mascot envy.