Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tears for Jordan

32 people killed by a nutcase. The airwaves were inundated with the story. Hour after hour after hour. The images, sound bites, interviews, expert opinions, eyewitness accounts; it went on and on. The questions kept coming: who, what, when, where, why. People spoke of their fear, their anguish, their outrage, their dismay; and on and on it went. 32 people died whose names will always be linked with the horror of this act. The nation will share in the grieving of the families who lost loved ones. A memorial will probably be erected to remember their names. And life will change for everyone involved or affected.

I watched a lot of the coverage yesterday, and Mocha-momma saw a little bit of the national news. She was appalled and outraged at the story as well. Then, on the local TV news, they made a brief mention of a woman who plead guilty in abetting a second degree murder charge against her boyfriend, who killed his own 10 year old daughter by forcing her into a scalding hot bath as a punishment for a minor offense she committed.

And Mocha-momma cried.

She cried for a little 10 year old girl named Jordan, who wasn't killed by a psychotic nutcase with a gun; but killed in a senseless way by a man who should have loved and cherished her---her own father.

I don't know how many people cried when they heard the story of Jordan's death; but, her death is no less tragic and senseless than all these others.

Meier pleads guilty to scalding death of girl


Gabrielle Eden said...

No, it certainly is not. Reminds me that we are not in heaven, are we?

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking if when the young man had come up to the 1st person and aimed his gun....and the other student pulled his gun out, there might be just 1 person dead.