Friday, April 06, 2007

Masters update

We have 4 guys in the contest right now (5 if I count Uncle Ben, but since the average age of his picks is about 70, including one dead guy, he's unfortunately out of it right now)

After the first round, the early leader is Dan S, from Northern Alliance Wannabe.

There's a gentleman named Marcus who made some picks, but he must not have noticed the no Michelson or Woods stipulation. We'll leave him in, as things are looking pretty bleak for Phil right now.

The winner is going to be the guy whose 4 picks have the lowest sum rankings at the end of the tournament.

The Teams:

Dan S. Furyk, Els, Ogilvy, VJ Singh
Dave B Harrington, Scott, Langer, VJ Singh
Marcus Michelson, Woods, Ogilvy, Casey
KD Goosen, Els, VJ Singh, Weir
Uncle Ben Hogan, Ballesteros, Palmer, Rodriguez

1 comment:

hammerswing75 said...

At least I'm doing badly in this competition on purpose. I just wish I could have remembered more dead guys off the top of my head.