Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lets kill Peter to save Paul

Endangered Rabbits Returned to Wild, Quickly Eaten
Most of a group of 20 endangered rabbits that were reintroduced to the wild with great fanfare last month have been killed by predators, state officials said.

Only four of the rabbits released on March 13 remained at the
Sagebrush Flat Wildlife Area as of Tuesday, said David Hays, pygmy rabbit coordinator for the state Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Hays said two males were removed earlier this month and will be returned at the end of April. The other 14 rabbits are believed to have fallen victim to predators, mainly
coyotes, but also hawks and owls, Hays said.

Hays said the rapid decline in population does not doom the multimillion-dollar project to return the near-extinct rabbit to its natural environment. More rabbits will be released in the area, and experts are looking for ways to reduce predation

How exactly do they plan to reduce predation? The only approach that might work would be to eliminate the predators; unfortunately, the people in charge of this fiasco are probably liberals, and card-carrying members of PETA. They probably figure they can appease the predators to lay off killing these innocent little wabbits. Just like liberals in congress and around the country, maybe if they just bend over long enough the predators will decide to live and let live.

I wish them luck. To me, the best solution is to just make it a numbers game. Instead of introducing 20, let these little reproducing machines go nuts in captivity; then, dump about 10,000 of them into the wild. For the predators, it would probably be like us going to Old Country Buffet (eat all you can); but, maybe enough of them would have that survival instinct kick in and make it.


Gino said...

i read, with interest, about the original release of these bunnies.
i was rooting for them.

but it seems a waste that there is now less wildlife to hunt.

Night Writer said...

I foresee a strongly-worded UN resolution addressed to the predators. What's really needed, of course, is to pass "conceal and carry" for the rabbits.

"Incoming!", Gino!