Thursday, April 05, 2007

For crying out loud; what a bunch of pansies

Fla. Student Who Mooned Teacher Sues
A high school senior acknowledges he went too far when he mooned a teacher. But he thinks the decision of school officials to send him to a new school for the rest of the year was too harsh, so his family is suing.

School Board Attorney Jim Robinson said administrators stand by their decision.

"Without knowing the allegations, we're confident in the administration's position on this case," Robinson said. Palm Harbor principal Herman "Doc" Allen described the mooning as "disgusting" and the teacher as "traumatized."

If this dolt is "traumatized" because some kid mooned him, maybe he should quit and just get a job weaving baskets or something. What an imbecile.

When I was in high school, there was a phase when mooning was quite the rage, sort of like streaking went through a phase. I'll never forget driving home from baseball practice one day with my buddy. There was a car just in front of us, so I gunned it and passed; meanwhile, my friend dropped his drawers and mooned the driver as we sped past. Turns out, the driver of the other car was a teacher and coach from our school. We had a big laugh over that, and never did hear anything about it. We never were sure if Mr. Oster actually knew who we were. I had a fire-engine red Ford Galaxy at the time, so I assume he could have figured out it was me.

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