Saturday, April 07, 2007

Crikey; just call me Frog, the bounty hunter

A killer may be lurking in a pond near you
Ribbit-ribbit: Bullfrogs are popping up throughout Minnesota, sparking fears that they will be the state's next invasive species.

That could be lethal to other animals, including some of the 13 other frog and toad species native to Minnesota, because bullfrogs are such voracious carnivores, according to the Department of Natural Resources.

"A bullfrog will eat anything it can fit into its mouth," said Yvette Monstad, a non-game research specialist for the department. "We're seeing them in places they've never been seen before, and it's been escalating the past year or two."

It is illegal to sell, buy or possess a bullfrog or tadpole except as fishing bait without a permit from the department. (DNR)

Another sign of the apocolypse in MN.

Had you told me there was a law on the books that prohibited selling, buying or even possessing a bullfrog, I would have assumed you were as looney as a typical MN liberal; but, voila, there it is.

I wonder how much the DNR would pay to bring in these insidious little amphibians? That would be a nice moonlighting occupation. JR and I could spend our free time this summer tracking down the little jihadists. If the DNR won't pay, maybe we could make a deal with some restaurant in town. There must be some market for bullfrog legs. Actually, the real money would come when we started our own reality show, we could call it 'Dancing with the Frogs.'

(I've known some humans that could compare to bullfrogs, they would actually eat anything that would fit into their mouths as well)

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Bike Bubba said...

They're really good fried in a light batter. I wonder sometimes why the DNR doesn't just lift restrictions on daily take and just let the gourmands of the world deal with invasive species like Asian carp and bullfrogs.

Jeremiah, of course, will be ticked.