Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Coming soon---White Men Can't Dance

President Bush, second from left, and first lady Laura Bush, right, dance with Medoun Yacine Gueye, left, and Assan Ronte, second from right, from the Kankouran West African Dance Co. during a ceremony acknowledging Malaria Awareness Day in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington.

Designated April 25, 2007, As "Malaria Awareness Day." The more people know about this disease, the more quickly we can defeat it. President Bush will designate April 25, 2007, as "Malaria Awareness Day." African countries and other nations commemorate April 25 to raise global awareness of malaria, and to reaffirm their commitment to fighting this disease. The United States is proud to stand with them.

Great cause, I'm just not sure how my knowing about it is going to help 'more quickly' defeat it. This disease has been around for how long now? What it all boils down to is that more money is needed, and the more people that know about it, the more money that might be raised through guilt-tripping.

Every single disease out there is a money-magnet. I can't quite afford to donate to them all---malaria, AID's, leukemia, heart disease, cancer, spinal cord injuries, diabetes; yada, yada, yada. Why don't they just all get together, and have people make a donation to one organization---the Organization To Wipe Out Every Single Disease In The World, or the OTWOESDITW for short.

It's my simple understanding that the primary carrier of malaria is the mosquito; help stamp out mosquitoes, and it will help stamp out malaria. Unfortunately, the environmentalists of the world take exception to the methods of stamping out the mosquitoes. Not a simple problem to fix


Mercy Now said...

1. OTWOESDITW is too long and tongue twisting so people won't donate to it:o)

2. In order to wipe out mosquitoes, the environmentalists need to go first:o)

3. I saw the Pres' dance, it was hilarious!

4. Still thinking about moving to Tx? It's in tornado alley!

kingdavid said...

I ain't scared of no stinking tornadoes. I'd rather chance ducking some tornadoes a few days each year versus freezing my fanny off for about 4 months every year.