Monday, January 08, 2007

The man who would be 'king'

Don't be confused; I know that a lot of people are going to be celebrating the birthday of some 'king' wannabe named Elvis Presley today.

The real king's birthday was last week, on the 2nd. Today is actually the wedding anniversary of the real king and his lovely bride, Mocha-momma. (not the real, real "King of kings" mind you)

We were married on this date 13 years ago. My father, an ordained minister, presided over the ceremony. It was a small affair, only about 20-30 close friends and family, and we basically catered the reception ourselves, along with both moms. For entertainment afterward, a bunch of us went back to the hotel, brought in a few cases of beer, and sat around and just talked and had a great evening hanging around together. We wanted it to be a low-key, intimate affair, and it was.

The main memory from the weekend though was the cold. It was the coldest weekend of that winter, I think it was about 20 below. My brothers had come up from Houston and Las Vegas, so they basically bitched the whole weekend about why we chose January to get married. The morning after the wedding, my one brother had to come over and jump our car in the parking lot, the battery had died. We didn't go on a romantic honeymoon; so I think we're going to have to do that on one of our major anniversaries, maybe our 15th. (as long as it's not a cruise; maybe we could go wild-hog hunting in Georgia {previous post}, that sounds romantic)


Gabrielle Eden said...

by the way, happy birthday and happy anniversery

Gino said...

13th year, i hear, is a traditionally rough one.
i suspect you two wont likely face those travails.

happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Yes, happy thirteenses to you both. Now I know why she kept you off of the computer yesterday. She wanted you to be properly focused on what's really important.

Uncle Ben