Friday, December 22, 2006

Whoever thought of this deserves a "Wonka"

I'm going to start handing out "Wonkas" to individuals who do totally nonsensical things that bring humor to our world. The perpetrators of this prank are the first winners.

Pac-Man Fever Hits the Road (Fox News: Out There)
BUFFALO, Minn. (AP) — Pac-Man is back. Only this time, he's bigger — and he's gobbling up dots on Highway 55.
Large white dots painted on the highway to deter motorists from tailgating have been joined by a giant, yellow image of the video game icon.
"I drove that road the other day," said an amused Wright County Sheriff Gary Miller, "and drivers were bunched up to figure out what it was."
The oversized Pac-Man has been on the highway for about a month, and the artist or artists behind it have been back to touch it up at least once.
"It's kind of comical," said county highway engineer Wayne Fingalson. "Somebody really did a good job of meticulously putting that (Pac-Man) in the dots."
Tom Dumont, the area traffic engineer for the Department of Transportation, wasn't happy with the addition to the $15,000 project.
"I'd hate to say positive things because I don't want to encourage people to try to paint something on a busy highway. But at least it's made the project a little more noteworthy," Dumont said.
The 7-foot dots are 225 feet apart — the distance officials say is needed for a vehicle traveling at 55 mph to stop in three seconds without hitting the vehicle in front of it. Road signs tell drivers to keep two dots apart.
Patricia Hackman, who teaches driving classes at Buffalo High School, said: "I don't know where Pac-Man came from, but anything we can do to bring more attention to traffic safety, I'm all for it."

This is hilarious. We drive into Buffalo fairly often, so we drive over these dots. It is interesting to see the distance you're suppose to be behind the car in front of you. When I've driven it, it's been on the weekends or evenings, so people generally keep the two-dot distance. I bet it doesn't work during rush hour though.

$15,000 on a project that may or may not have a beneficial return. I don't know, I guess it's still a better investment than hiring horny lesbian fire chiefs or incompetent minority school superintendants like they do in the big city.

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