Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Viking fans: don't even dream of a Super Bowl appearance for years to come

And I'll tell you why.

I haven't watched any of the Viking games this year, and I wouldn't be able to pick Tavaris Jackson out of a lineup any more than I could Tito Jackson. I just saw him for the first time the other night on local news station interview. I've heard and read a few things about him, but I've already drawn a conclusion, which is firmly based on historical precedents in the NFL.

No quarterback who could be considered the 'best athlete' on a football team has ever, nor will ever, lead their team to the superbowl. The teams that go to and win superbowls are the teams who have a 'quarterback' who can take 60 snaps in a game and make the best decision on about 90% of the plays and complete about 60-70% of the simple 10-15 yd pass plays.

From my observation, the 'best athlete' guys who they put into the qb position, they can make about 5 highlight reel plays a game and turn a 5 yard play into some big gain; but, then they make multiple bad decisions and can't complete the basic plays on a consistent basis over a 16 game schedule that makes a playoff champion. Some of them have come close, but it's never been done.

The second reason. When I saw him on tv, he was wearing a pair of dangling diamond earrings. I'm sorry, but Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, Roger Staubach, Bart Starr---none of them wore dangly diamond earrings.

I'm sorry Viking fans; but with a super athlete who wears dangly diamond earrings, we have no chance of seeing a super bowl as long as he's the starter. This is not based on race either....Doug Williams, Warren Moon, even Randall Cunningham (in his later years) were quarterbacks; not great athletes who they stuck in the qb position.


Gabrielle Eden said...

the dangly earrings thing - very funny

Anonymous said...

well....after Thurday night at least he can only one direction....up! Did you know the packers and the vikings have the 2 lowest salary caps in the league. Same old story for the ziggy era as was for the red mcCombs era. try to put out a team that's quasi competitive, sign a few probowl caliber players, finish just out of the playoff picture....and see ziggy dance all the way to bank with 37 million dollars he just saved on salaries! I guesse everyone is greedy though... the packers are a publicly owned company and their board of directors have made no move toward creating a competive team since what was it 1989 when they won the super bowl! OK i'm done now Dave